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what? What? ..... WHAT?

The Stolen Earth:




*runs crazily around the house screaming AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH*


Nonononononononono, he can't do this to us. WE MUST HAVE OUR DAVID TENNANT!DOCTOR. Accept no substitutions.

Although, I'm now remembering the "your song is coming to an end" comment in PotO, and wondering if this is not the biggest and best kept secret IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.

If it is, I may have to travel to England, and kill RTD. No choice, really.

My only consolation is that people have seen DT on the set of Journey's End, so he can't regenerate. I hope. Or, y'know, going to kill people (see comment above) and then collapse in devastated heap.

OH GOD, IS IT NEXT WEEK NOW???? Also, where are the icons? I need my Stolen Earth icons!
Tags: dammit, david tennant, dr who
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