I mean, they're rhinos from space! Great big space rhinos, with guns, on the moon!

Ack, I'm stuck with no internet the same week as the Doctor's Daughter airs (no-one give me any spoilers!). Damndamndamn.

Also, no way of contacting anyone, checking my emails (except at work) or speaking to my brother in Bologne, or anything. It's amazing how cut off from the world you feel, just losing that one tiny connection. Alex at work assures me that this feeling of dependency is how the robot war (that will destroy us all) will start, which is a bit of a worry XD

However, had a great mother's day (my parents came down, and brought vast amounts booze which they left at our house *loves them*), my bro spent VAST SUMS OF MONEY calling on his mbile from Italy *glomps him*, and I spent vast amounts of time watching Stargate and Stargate Atlantis in an effort to stave off not-having-internet boredom, which merely left me with a major desire to trawl the net for more Rodney/John slash fic (see icon). Also, i spent all weekend taking care of me housemate, who got drunk, FELL OFF A STEP and now can't walk! /paroxysms of laughter

Although I shouldn't judge, I did the same last year and couldn't walk for a month *sniggers anyway*

Also, has anyone heard the new Herd song? It's called the King is dead, and is an hilariously brilliant song re: last year's election, and Howard's defeat.

the beautiful twangs of bango music, filling the air...

In what is an appropriate follow-up to watching the Top Gear Alabama/redneck episode recently, glitterandlube just posted this bit of reporting. Quite rightly she titles it


This, people, is what's wrong with a) institutionalised homophobia and b) America.

The worst bit, apart from the fact that the Alabaman's CALLED THE COPS ON PEOPLE FOR BEING GAY, is that according to US ABC, seeing a gay couple kiss on the street is an "ethical dilemma" /speechless

the vile terror known as Line Dancing, a proceeding so fatuous and horrible as to defy language.

NEWS AT 11: "Harry Potter finds Aussie love: The Cassi McKay & Daniel Radcliffe Story"
Why is this a story? Why people???

Although, some news is pointy - they've just released a remix of "From Little Things, Big Things Grow", with excerpts from the Apology and Keating's Redfern speech mixed in. V. cool - I recommend everyone goes and buys a copy.

Finally, ryttu3k posted this joymaking image *stares happily* *drools*

ok, i may have fallen back off the wagon, but (and this is obscure to all but aussies)...

... how awesome is She will have her way? The excellence of Finn brothers lyrics, with teh stylin' of Clare Bowditch/Sarah Blasko/Little Birdy. Plus, even Kasey Chambers (who I hate normally) doing a very passable Better be home soon, which is one of my favourite songs EVER. See, Neil makes everyone better through his amazing genius *glomps him* I hate to give the new zealanders credit for anything :D, but honestly Neil Finn is one of the best song writers in the world. No shit.

Also, David Tennant in Blackpool. Nnngh. Guh. Singing. Scottish accent. Stubble. Glasses. Did I mention singing?


Ok, nicked this one from spaciireth (who actually has half of my list as hers) - List 10 fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order)

1. 10th Doctor: because... well, because. David Tennant, guys!

2. Guy of Gisborne (from the new shite Robin Hood series): well, see icon.
Richard Armitage, being brooding and evil in leather *swoons*

3. Inspector Tom Campbell: John Hannah, being absent minded in either a 1950's cardie or a trilby and suit. What's not to love?

4. Earl of Essex (Elizabeth telemovie): not actually fictional, I realise, but I choose to include him a) because it's hugh dancy and b) so I can include...

5. The Black Prince (A Knight's Tale): James Purefoy. Armour. Jousting. Black Prince. Guh.

6. Stephen Maturin (m&c movie): y'all know why. i don't need to explain this one.

7. Horatio Hornblower (HH): see above.

8. The Master (new Dr Who): "Shall we decimate them? Yes, decimate. Good word." John Simm. Definitely guh.

9. Dean Winchester: Boys with guns. And big cars. And tight jeans. See above "guh" comment.

10. Jack Sparrow: (or any Johhny Depp, really) Just because. No explanation neccessary *g*
Calvin & Hobbes

no drinky, no more

OK, really, really need to stop drinking now. Mainly in order not to die. Thus I am declaring April NO-DRINKING MONTH (not as catchy as OctSOBERfest, I know, but I can't wait around for a nicely titled month). I’ll keep you updated on my progress *g*

But we had a AWESOME housewarming on Saturday. Awesome TO THE MAX! (sorry, inside joke) Collapse )

Currently I’m listening to a very cool program on Radio National called Buffy the Concept Slayer - an exploration of the philosophy of the Buffy-verse. It’s an interesting look at conceptions of evil (which stands alone in the ‘verse, rather than being an Augustine-style 'privation' of good) and Joss Whedon’s humanistic influence on the conclusion of the series.

Just thinking - idea for a paper: "Valley Girls and Dutiful Wives: Buffy, Livia and the propaganda of social personality"? Whaddya think?
Beatles John Paul

(no subject)

Ok, spent an abnormal amout of time this weekend a) drinking (ok, that's not abnormal) b) watching every Inspector Morse DVD I own (over 10 hours) and c) sleeping with T, which is bad(-ish) as he's my friends ex-boyfriend (although she's now getting married in four months to her new boyfriend) and I'm probably his rebound girl and have had some major love/lust on for him for ages. May be in trouble.

Also have not managed to do anything (mainly on account of the drinking... yes, yes, I am still on the wagon :/ ) like doing the mandc_read of chapter 10. I did manage to see Lettuce Play's final gig at the Front (starring naoskopi and angrryface and Leon) which was genius, as always). And now I'm watching more early 90's Morse, and the hair and clothes are hilarious!


Oookay, should I send myself into pernury in order to go on a six week dig in Pella in January next year? I'd need about $7000 bucks, and I only have $2000 to my name now... I wonder if the Pheono would hire me for some weekend shifts?